Logbook Servicing

With any new vehicle you buy, the warranty that comes with it protects you from certain expenses early in the vehicle’s life. To keep that protection for as long as possible, it’s required that you bring the vehicle to a reputable vehicle repairer for regular logbook servicing.

We can provide regularly scheduled servicing for all models of petrol, diesel and Performance vehicles, covering passenger cars light commercials and 4WDs. We’ll give you important warning of developing faults in your vehicle, and you’ll drive away with peace of mind and confidence. Here are some reasons for entrusting your pride and joy with JDR,

  • We use quality Nulon OEM approved lubricants
  • We use genuine OEM or equivalent parts
  • You will receive an itemised invoice
  • No nasty hidden surprises
  • Your factory warranty is protected
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Brake Service

Your vehicle’s brakes are your most important safety feature, whether they save your vehicle from an expensive repair job or shave valuable seconds off your lap time. Your brakes suffer the most wear and tear of any part of your vehicle, however, and should be checked regularly.

We provide quality replacement parts for brakes on all makes and models of vehicles, including replacement of brake pads, and restoration or replacement of discs and drums, as well as machining of new parts and checking your brake hydraulics for signs of trouble. We also have the latest in diagnostic and repair equipment to ensure your braking system is in good hands.

  • We use quality fluids
  • We use quality OEM or equivalent parts
  • No nasty surprises
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Proper suspension setups help drivers get a feel for the road surface below them, and keep the vehicle stable when negotiating corners at speed, which is important whether you’re a regular driver looking for more ride comfort or a racer seeking more grip and control on the track.

We can replace your existing stock suspension with a range of different products for all applications, from car springs to shock absorbers and bushing. We can also provide race-bred suspension upgrades for that extra edge on track day. Your suspension system also forms part of your braking efficiency, so shock absorbers and springs are very important to how efficient your brakes can be.

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Cooling Systems

Keeping your vehicle cool is vital to maintaining a healthy engine; doubly so if your engine has been tuned and modified for performance, which drives your engine’s operating temperature higher than a stock model vehicle’s.

We’re able to provide a host of services to your cooling system, from leak checks to replacement of faulty hosing, seals or radiator units, as well as repair damaged head gaskets. We’ll also conduct a coolant flush to clear out any residue or blockages that might be interfering with your cooling system.

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Auto Elec

Only the most dedicated auto electricians can keep pace with the ever-changing face of automotive wiring and electronics.

We can provide customers with comprehensive testing and repairs of electric components of your vehicle, from batteries to alternators and starter motors. We also offer the installation of new audio and lighting solutions, as well as dual battery systems, solar panels, and other accessories.

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